First Post: I’m an Explorer of Light!

Posted on Dec 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
©Nichole Sobecki

This photo was made about two weeks ago on my most recent trip to Northern Nigeria for Too Young to Wed. I am standing with sisters Falmata, 14 and Yakaka, 16, who will be featured in our upcoming NYT story. Image ©Nichole Sobecki

This seems like a great topic for my first post here: I am thrilled to announce that I was recently named a Canon Explorer of Light! As a member, I join a group of amazingly talented photographers, cinematographers and visual storytellers seeking to share their experience and expertise with broader photographic community. Through blogging, social media, panels, seminars and other events, the Explorers seek to provide education and inspiration to the photographic community. You can see complete list of Explorers of Light here.

This tremendous honor allows me the opportunity to share my passion for photography and visual storytelling with other image makers and camera enthusiasts around the world. Over the coming year, I’ll be giving several talks with the support of Canon – maybe you caught my most recent ones at PhotoPlus Expo in New York City last month? During these talks I will discuss some of the incredibly important social issue-based projects I’ve had the honor of working on throughout my 20 year career. I will also speak to the impact being a photojournalist has played in my own life. 

Between talks, I will be using this new blog to share behind the stories for many of my images, as well as tips I’ve picked up from so many years on the road. Photojournalism has never been an easy field in any sense, but often the best way to learn is to listen to those who have walked the path before. Of course everyone’s journey is very personal, but I hope I can provide some nuggets of advice to other storytellers.   

I am grateful that Canon is supporting these endeavors to share my images of resilience in the face of human rights abuses, particularly those directed at women and girls around the world. I am a firm believer in continuing to advocate for those whose stories I have the privilege to tell, and along with my work with Too Young to Wed, it always helps to have another platform to help bring these issues to light. Thank you for following along as I continue to raise awareness of these issues. I hope I can inspire others to continue similar investigation and visual advocacy. Be sure to check back for more!